The Call

Amerimed EMS provides fast, professional, and dependable emergency medical and transport services


How Amerimed EMS has adapted our procedures in response to Covid-19

Our Specialties

Amerimed EMS is devoted to providing top-level care in a caring and compassionate way. 



Fast response times and highly-trained EMS professionals can handle any emergency



Dependable transport for any patient need. Hospitals count on Amerimed


Critical Care

Trust Amerimed for the most important critical transportation needs


Behavioral Health

When special situations require specific training, Amerimed can handle all types of transport


Special Events

Concerts, sports, conventions, community functions and other gatherings that require emergency medical personnel

Request Non-Emergency Transport

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Get to know Amerimed EMS

Family owned and operated, with the resources necessary to function in a manner that rivals the professionalism of even the largest organizations


All ambulances are licensed and stocked with equipment that exceeds state Department of Public Health, Office of Emergency Medical Services and Trauma rules and regulations


Recognized as being one of the only providers for specialized Neonatal and Psychiatric patient transport services in our service areas


Partnerships with hospital systems and other community healthcare providers as well as healthcare education programs signify our value to our communities


Membership with organizations like the Georgia Mutual Aid Group allow an unlimited number of resources to be activated from numerous agencies in the event of a disaster

Customer Care

No EMS service provides more genuine, caring service to our patients than Amerimed EMS.

Driven by The Golden Rule, our values are on display with every customer we serve

  • State of the Art Equipment
  • GPS trackinhg ensures timely response
  • Professional staff

We Serve.

Amerimed EMS is proud to have been selected to serve by many respected communities, medical facilities, and organizations.

We believe it is our calling to provide caring and compassionate service to anyone in need of medical attention or assistance.


Join our team

Amerimed EMS is always looking for qualified, dedicated people to join our teamof EMTs and other vital roles. If you have the skills and the right attitude to be a part of a leading EMS provider, we would love to hear from you.

Accepting applications for opportunities in Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Mississippi, Ohio, and Indiana.

Our focus

We have shifted our focus from that of an “ambulance service” to “high performance EMS system.” This means we main high performance ambulance and patient transportation systems. This includes high-level response times and high-level customer service. We strive to consistently meet and exceed these standards. 

Exceptional Benefits

  • Competitive Wages
  • Generous PTO Program
  • Comprehensive Insurance Offerings
  • 401(k) Program
  • Uniform Allowance
  • Annual Performance/Wage Review
  • Incentive Programs
  • Flexible Scheduling for PT Associates
  • Associate Assistance Program
  • Education Assiistance Opportunities